Many people often have lots of questions surrounding what prayer truly is. Prayer most simplistically is when we communicate with God. We have a God who listens when we pray, he hears our prayers. As Christians we are commended to pray for our Family, Church and Leaders. Whatever situation we are experiencing we can always turn to God in prayer.

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Pray for Morriston

As a Church we have great concern and care for our community and the people living in our local area. We believe that everyone is important and should be valued and cared for. Jesus loved so much that he came and died so we could be forgiven of everything we have ever done wrong. As christians we want to share this same love with the people we live by.


Each week we will be praying for different streets in the Morriston area by name and for the people who live in them. By the end of the year we will have prayed for the whole of Morriston. We believe in a God who listens and answers our prayers. We hope you will join with us in praying that God works in the lives of the people of Morriston.

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This week we are praying for


Weekly Prayer Points

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