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Christmas at Libanus 2022

Christmas at Libanus

Christmas is always a busy time and this year has been no different despite all the business of the season we as a Church have celebrated the true meaning of Christmas. At Christmas we remember and celebrate that Jesus (God's son) came into the world he created because of his great love for us.

This year Libanus delivered over 1,000 Christmas leaflets but we also distributed 1000 free Christmas editions of the magazine Ask. This was produced by EMW as an accessible way to hear about Jesus. The birth of Jesus results in peace, joy and hope for all who know and trust in him. Here is a brief round up of just some of the things we did this year.

Christmas Shoeboxes

Every year we support the Samaritans Purse shoebox appeal. We believe that children across the world deserve to receive a gift at Christmas, regardless of war, famine, or poverty we want children to enjoy. More than this as a Church we want the whole world to know the best gift at Christmas which is that Jesus has come into the world to bring forgiveness.

As a Church we have donated over 50 physical boxes with some from the Church opting to organise a box through the Appeal’s website. Many of our boxes were distributed to Children living in and around Ukraine.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to pack and supply boxes to be sent across the world and we would ask that members continue to pray for these boxes and the Children and families who might receive them that the good news of Jesus would go out.

Christmas advent Calendar

Our virtual advent calendar has become a tradition at Libanus Church and so we continued this for the third time this year. Each day from the 1st-25th December a different member or friend of the church walked us through the Christmas story. You can still watch all of these videos on our YouTube channel. A big thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help support this and a special thank you to Jess who edited and added images to all the videos.

Christmas Craft Evening

We were delighted to be able to restart our christmas themed craft evening with a variety of craft activities for people of all abilities. Over 30 people joined us to try their hand making cards, baubles, Gonks and unconventional Christmas puddings. We would like to thank all of our helpers for their time, energy and imagination in helping to prepare these activities for us without them we would not be able to run these type of events.

Christmas School Assemblies

We are very pleased to have continued our good relationship with local schools and it was a great delight and privilege to lead assemblies telling children about the good news of Jesus. This year we taught the children that the story of Jesus is good news in a dark and difficult world there is hope in Jesus.

Libanus Tots Party

On Friday 16th December we had our Christmas Party for toddlers group. We sang a variety of Christmas songs, made some stars, angels and learnt about the Christmas story. Thank you to all the helpers, parents, grandparents and guardians for your continued support. We also gave every child and carer a present and goody bag. If you would like to come to our Tots Group please contact us and we will let you know when we can restart.

Christmas Family Service and Lunch On Sunday 18th December we had a Christmas family service where John Woolley reminded us of the love that led to God sending Jesus down into our world to involve himself with us and ultimately to bring salvation. After our service we enjoyed a buffet style meal. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare the food and make it such a lovely family gathering.

Talk and Tea

On Thursday 22nd December Talk and Tea had their Christmas event where we gathered around a plentiful Christmas buffet. With a lively Christmas talk from Sam Pritchard. We also joined together in singing some of our favourite and most loved carols. Talk and Tea is a fortnightly event at 12:30pm on Thursdays where we have an engaging talk and a light afternoon lunch. You would be more than welcome to join us.

Traditional Carol Service

Friday 23rd December marked our traditional Carol Service where over 70 people gathered to sing and learn about the relevance of the Christmas story. A recording of our service is still avalible if you would like to listen to the greatest message and the true meaning of Christmas. Following our service we enjoyed mince pies and mulled wine.

Christmas Day Service

As always on Christmas morning we gathered for a short service of praise, rejoicing and thanksgiving for what God has done in sending Jesus. Our Christmas Day service can be found below if you were unable to attend. It is good to gather on reflect on the great truths of Christmas on this day of celebration.

We trust you had a great Christmas, but remember even though the season is over there is still a deeper joy that can be found by trusting in Jesus. This joy is not just for Christmas, but it can be know and experienced all year round.

If you would like any help support or if you want to know any more about what we do as a Church please do get in contact with us through Social media or email


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