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Lego 2.0 & Family Service

After the success of our first Lego Day at Libanus Church we decided to hold another similar event. Due to popular demand we decided our second event would also have a lego theme.

Continuing our close relationship with schools we were very grateful to the four local primary schools which helped us distribute over 1,000 leaflets publicising the event. We were very impressed with the creativity and designs of the children as they worked together to built lego cities and movie scenes.

Following the first half of the day the children had a break with squash and biscuits and an interactive talk asking the question if someone destroyed the lego you had created how would you respond? We learnt that God created all things perfect but because of what people have done the world is no longer perfect. Despite this God still loves us so much he sent Jesus to bring us forgiveness.

During the second session the children continued building their film scenes but we also did a series of competitions including 'tallest tower in 5 minutes' and most creative building with your eyes closed.

All the children were given a gift bag to take home and an invitation to our family Service.

To find out more about our events please follow us on social media and check our website. If you would like any more information about our kids events or any of our other activities please do get in touch with us at


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