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Happy Easter from Libanus

This Easter has inevitably been very different from previous years but one thing has remained the same. Jesus Has Risen, He is Risen indeed! However at Libanus we have not let the virus stop us from celebrating and telling people the glorious news that the tomb is empty. We led with three primary ways of celebrating and sharing the Easter message with others with Services (online and in person), Easter Boxes and Evangelistic Videos.

As a Church we prepared, packed and delivered over 100 Easter boxes. Church members and friends were given the option to ‘order’ any number of boxes for them to send to neighbours, friends and family members. We also created Easter boxes for all of the children from Friday Night Takeaway and Reach which we have been unable to run since March 2020.

We also made eight short illustrated evangelistic videos which went out over Easter week. Each day a different person from Libanus Church spoke about the Easter story from Luke’s Gospel. These videos can still be viewed on our Youtube Channel Below, just click the image and it will take you to our Easter Playlist.

We held several Easter Services both online and in person, online we have our morning and evening services for Psalm Sunday and Easter Sunday and our good Friday message. All of our Easter Services are available on our YouTube channel and we are very grateful to have hymns provided from our friends at EMW and Christian BSL (British Sign Language).

We were very pleased to be able to safely reopen the Church building for people wishing to attend our Easter Morning Service. Over 50 of us met safely on Sunday Morning including some new faces we haven’t seen before to celebrate the Easter message.

Moving forward we will continue to hold our morning services in person at the Church, at a later time of 10:30am every Sunday, for those still unable to attend we will have an online morning service. Our evening services will remain online only for the time being. If you are new to Libanus and would like to book a seat please do contact us and we would be more than happy to see you.

We hope you have had a happy and fulfilling Easter, but easter is not the only time of year to think about Jesus and what he has done for you. If you would like any more information please do contact us.


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