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Reformation Celebration Events

Happy Reformation Week! This whole week we celebrated the impact of the Protestant Reformation and its relevance to us today. Every day this week we published six videos our theme was taken from one of the ‘five solas’ of the Reformation ‘Scripture alone’. Each of our videos was about a historic figure who held firmly to the truths contained in the Bible that pointed them to their saviour Jesus Christ.

We studied:

- Martin Luther: who wanted to make the Bible accessible for all people.

- Darlene Deibler Rose: who memorised and clung to the words while imprisoned.

- John Calvin: and his thoughts on the value of the Bible.

- Mary Jones: and her need and determination to get a Bible.

- Desmond Doss: who allowed the Bible to lead him through the war.

-Corrie Ten Boom: who opened her Bible and shared with others even in a Nazi concentration camp.

On Sunday we celebrated not just the

historic truths of the Reformation but how Jesus has transformed people in the past but how he is saving lives today. Instead of our usual children’s talk we showed a play Mobil stock motion video teaching the truths and importance of Jesus in the Reformation.

We also had a testimony and praise evening where six people from our Church were able to testify to the saving power of Jesus in their lives. The testimonies were very open, honest, and emotional as people spoke about their struggles, hardships difficulties but comfort of knowing Jesus throughout them.

This year for Reformation Day we focused on the Bible and as always if you have not got a Bible, please get in contact with us and we would love to give you one for free. We are also happy to answer any questions or even read the Bible with you.

We also were reminded that these great truths are true today as Libanus attendees stood up and testified to the saving power of Jesus in their life and the comfort they know in every situation and struggle.

Here are some film/book recommendations if you want to know more about the stories of the people mentioned above


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